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First line support for Sage Plc’s 6.1m customers

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We’re proud of our longstanding relationship with Sage Plc and that our performance on many of their outbound campaigns and inbound technical support line has helped them become one of the biggest software providers in the world.

One of our most flexible solutions for Sage is the inbound technical support helpline we have managed for them on the run up to the financial year end when many of their customers are facing their busiest period and need fast, expert support. We in-source a specific team for Sage for this period where we recruit, train, manage and report on their behalf all within Sage Plc offices.

The continued success of this flexible resource is due to the continuity provided by Echo-U’s senior project management who understand what Sage need and the type of skills required to fulfil this. The recruitment process and intensive technical training period we have developed ensure that our results out-perform any other team on KPI’s including ‘first call resolution’ ‘staff attrition’ and ‘net promoter score’ through-out the duration of the campaign.

The key benefits of this type of solution are that it delivers a high quality flexible resource, on demand but still within budget.

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