It’s a 10 / 10 – Congratulations to Wallsend Boys Club U16’s Yellows Players & Coaches!

For the past decade, Echo-U has proudly sponsored the world-renowned Wallsend Boys Club and their incredible U16’s 1st team. Their remarkable achievements include over 10 County Cups and 9 League titles – a testament to their dedication and talent!

As they culminate their junior football journey, we wish this remarkable team all the best as they transition into adult football. It’s been an honor to support Wallsend Boys Club and witness the growth of this iconic institution and football center of excellence.

Our shared heritage in the NorthEast and a mutual belief in the importance of sport, health, and wellbeing for our community’s future prosperity drive our passionate support.

To learn more about the fantastic work Wallsend Boys Club does in the community, visit

Here’s to many more years of success and positive impact! 🌟⚽ #WallsendBoysClub #communitysupport #footballdevelopment  #nebusiness #grassrootsfootball #contactcentre #theartofconversation