Summer Planning for Winter Success: Echo-U’s Guide to maximising your Christmas Peak

As planning for the festive season approaches, businesses are gearing up for the Christmas retail surge now. Deciding between in-house and outsourced customer service solutions can be a challenging decision.

That’s where Echo-U comes in. For the past 23 years, we’ve been the go-to provider for “Peak” customer experience delivery for leading retail brands and parcel delivery companies.

Our clients, who need to maximise sales revenue during the Christmas and January trading window, often scale their CX operations to 3-4 times the usual size. 

With Echo-U, you can have peace of mind. Whether we work alongside your incumbent team or manage the scale-up entirely, our experienced team will support you through this busy period.

Here’s how Echo-U can help:

🔹 Quality Interactions:

We focus on first-time resolution for customer interactions via call, email, or chat, ensuring your customers receive the very best experience.

🔹Agility & Expertise to Scale Up & Down 

Our unrivalled Peak expertise means we can scale up and down within a matter of weeks and we can provide Peak support that’s bespoke to you, from a small team of 10 to hundreds of new UK based advisors.

🔹 In-House Recruitment Expertise: 

Our decades of experience in volume and temporary recruitment, coupled with our in-house training academy, allow us to access and train perfect fit candidates to hold on-brand interactions on your behalf.

🔹 Prime Location & Flexible Work Network:

With a fantastic city centre location in the heart of Newcastle and a robust home working network, we attract talented people interested in temporary, flexible work. Our teams include candidates who consistently return to work with us during peak times.

🔹 Expert Resourcing & Planning Teams:

Our deep understanding of fluctuating volumes, built over years of experience, ensures agility and flexibility. If your business circumstances change throughout Peak, we adapt seamlessly.

You might be pleasantly surprised by how competitive Echo-U’s pricing is. We’ll deliver the hours you need and by January, when you’re being congratulated for a successful Peak delivery and your customers are thrilled, you’ll know you made the right decision. Ready to scale up for Christmas? Let Echo-U be your trusted partner.