How to maintain quality of service with an increasingly impatient customer base

According to a survey by Deloitte ‘Mobile Consumer Survey 2018: The UK cut’ 87% of respondents claim to own or have access to a smartphone with 95% stating they use them on a daily basis. Smartphone capabilities are continuing to increase and will for the foreseeable future.

The prolific use of mobile devices has made consumers impatient. When we want something, it is there at our finger tips in seconds. This has had a huge impact on customer service as waiting on hold and being passed around multiple call handlers is now deemed as unacceptable. So how do you maintain quality of service with an increasingly impatient customer base?

Mobile technology is digitising customer service and revolutionising the way brands engage with customers. Organisations are implementing chatbots which can answer simple queries quickly and efficiently, putting the customer in control. Social media has become a great customer service tool which done right can also leverage loyalty.


Chatbots are an effective method for allowing customers to self-serve, as straightforward queries can be resolved and answered in a simple sentence.

Mobile phone technology means customers can self-serve from virtually anywhere. This speed of response appeals to our desire for instant recognition as, in most cases, we do not need to contact a customer service centre or wait for an email response. According to Einstein Marketer “75% of users expect an instant response from a chatbot at any given moment”.

As technology evolves, more and more complex queries will be answered by chatbot. Where the enquiry is too complicated for the chatbot to answer, such as one which requires justification or explanation, a human webchat operative can take over. No need to break the chain.

Social Media

Social media has become more than a platform for engaging with friends and family. It has become a very public way to engage with brands and find solutions to queries, issues or concerns. So much so that some organisations have their own social media account dedicated to customer service.

Handling the enquiry quickly and providing a satisfactory response will grow loyalty. And here’s the secret, that loyalty will spread out from the customer you were originally dealing with to a wider circle of additional followers who witness the engagement.

The key here is speed. According to Smart Insights “over a third (37%) of consumers who use social media to complain or question brands expect to get a response in under 30 minutes.” Do you have the capability to answer social media enquiries 24/7?


Make no mistake, mobile technology and smartphone ownership has put the customer firmly in control. But this is great from a customer experience point of view. The key for organisations is offering a variety of self-service options with first contact resolution being the Holy Grail. Chatbots and social media are just two resources in a huge customer contact toolkit.

But be warned, one size does not fit all. The key is understanding the business and creating a tailored solution that is as personal as your customers. Outsourcing your customer contact strategy gives you the speed of response demanded by the increasingly impatient customer, leaving you free to focus on your core business.