How can the contact centre be leveraged to drive customer loyalty?

According to Consumer Brand Builders customer service is one of seven factors that have an impact on loyalty, meaning your contact centre has a genuine opportunity to delight your customers and strongly impact their loyalty.

Much more than a function for dealing with complaints and queries, the contact centre should be seen as a source of rich business insight through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and powerful customer conversations.

How technology is simplifying customer interactions

Chatbots allow straight-forward queries to be resolved in a simple sentence, meaning customers can self-serve, without the need for human interaction. This form of customer service interaction is quick and easy, putting the customer in control, which is great for driving loyalty.

Using technology to provide valuable insight

AI can predict customer behaviour on a call and provide recommendations on how to deal with an enquiry. Software is currently in development to listen to calls and interpret the impact on the customer, including, for example, whether the customer’s loyalty will increase in the future.

Empower call handlers

It is with direct customer conversations that the contact centre has a real opportunity to delight customers and create genuine loyalty. In order to achieve this, a contact centre needs to build a culture where agents are empowered with the skills, tools and processes to make the best decision for each individual customer.

An empowered agent is genuinely curious. They are bought into the client’s vision and strategy powered by a culture of organisational transparency. They empathise with the customer and use their initiative to solve the issue.

Leveraging the call centre to drive loyalty

Customers are searching for great customer service which often means first contact resolution, where the first person they speak to (be they human or robot) is able to solve their issue in one contact. By leveraging a bespoke combination of empowered call centre agents and powerful AI technology, the call centre can offer a personalised customer experience that can absolutely drive brand loyalty.

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